Clinical products only

Medical devices used during clinical studies require extra attention and handling compared to goods that have CE mark and are not a part of a clinical study.

According to GCP and
ISO 13485

All processess within ProLife-Sciences happen according the guidelines of GCP and ISO 13485.

A la carte solutions

Our storage and processes will be tailored towards each specific product and clinical study.

ProLifeSciences is a Logistics center specialized in the storage of clinical products.
Customer services

Our facilities have the following customer services.

IT services

Our facilities have the following IT services

Web Portal access

Log in to your personal web portal to check your stock, orderstatus, ...


Agoralaan Building Abis

BioVille Lifesciences Campus

3590 Diepenbeek


Tel: +32 11 286 966

Gsm: +32 477 258 515

PROLIFESCIENCES is a business unit of Euramedics Hospital Product Services BVBA

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